"Hysterical, campy fun!"
- Tony Brown, cleveland.com

"Full of suspense, romance, drama and lots of laughs!"

- Dan Shaurette, Out of the Coffin podcast

This extraordinary one-act drama deftly explores the evolution of the centuries-old vampire myth.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The Night Kitchen, a Goth-themed coffee shop located at 8850 East 58th Street has closed for business, apparently abandoned by its proprietors.

Authorities searched the premises, which was vacated some time late Sunday night. Police were alarmed at what they found at a table near the cash register; a broken laptop computer, a scalpel, and a large pool of blood on a chair and on the floor.

The memory of the laptop had been entirely wiped. There was no sign of a struggle, and no person, living or dead, was found in the building.

Contact with the landlord has only deepened the mystery, as no documents exist stating who exactly was operating the coffee shop, which opened for business on October 1.

- The Free Times (11/4/09)

Souled Out

Houses have been good - this Saturday evening's attendance was very good. Not a seat available, I had to crouch in the tech booth and watch from there. It's exciting - a two week run, but with ten performances, I hadn't actually seen the show since last Wednesday - opening - and the difference was impressive.

On opening night, Christopher J., who has seen all three permutations of the show, said it's "so tight it squeaks." I think that's a compliment ... but I will say that while the compnay has lost none of their intensity, they weren't as manic last night as on opening. Sadie's Mary is about to explode with the excitement her newfound life, Margi's Claire continues to find new, authetic teenaged shading, Matt's timing, both comic and menacing, remains razor sharp, much has been said about Doug's damnright frightening Percy (oh yes, I said it, it's frightening) and Tim ... well. Tim has lit a candle and offered himself to the machine.

I took a number of notes last night. The plan remains to submit this show to a festival or two. One thing I miss about the original production is having audience members take setas in tables on the stage. The show seems weird when there's no one in the coffee shop but them, like no one else goes there. It looks better when John isn't the only person dressed in street clothes in the place - or when there are other Goth types there, drinking real coffee.

We should have an interesting post-mortem. Post-mortem. Heh.

Also: It's not that vampires cannot be photographer - it's that they should not be photographed. They end up looking all washed out and pasty.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Love Song from an Understudy

you leave me alone in my hovel,
scribbling away, so below your level.
to you i may be just another kid
but one day you'll see you were misled.

10 years down the line you'll see me.
10 years down the line you'll want to be near me.

now i may be your stray tag along,
your gawky shadow,
but someday, when i'm beautiful and old,
you'll say "damn i could have had her, why was i so cold?"

- Wed. 10/12 performance (Happy Yom Kippur)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Faux Frightening? Quelle Pretentious!

Goth Sides Now: The Vampyres explores the depths of Goth culture - The Free Times
The concept of the vampire has become something of a cliché in contemporary pop goth culture. Its familiar signifiers of dress (black, of course, with spectacular platform boots), music (from Bauhaus to Nine Inch Nails) and literature (Poppy Z. Brite, for those who have graduated from Anne Rice) have been adopted by thousands of morose teenagers and committed post-teens. David Hansen’s long one-act, The Vampyres, starts with those clichés, often using them for comic relief while digging beneath them to get at something much deeper about the allure of the vampire concept and its connections with (and conflating of) sex and death ... (more)

The renown rock critic Anastasia Pantsios finds our play to be both an amusing send-up of and disturbing tribute to Goth culture, while theater reviewers for The Plain Dealer and Cleveland Scene trip over each other for vampire cliches to say how much they wish this show would go away and die.

Nine-Year Curse

In late 1996, a fifteen year-old "sad kid" auditioned for the original run of The Vampyres and practically begged us to give her the part of Claire, the fifteen-year old coffee store employee.

"I AM Claire!" she pleaded, and she was right. But to no avail. Even back then I was squeamish about having someone underage actually participate in the performance ... at least on-stage. And the show was not nearly as disturbing then as it is today.

Tonight, Wednesday, October 12, a young woman's dream will finally come true. Sarah Kunchik, our outstanding stage manager for this production will, after waiting nearly a decade, perform the role which introduced her to all of us.

The poetry had better be outstanding, truly overdone and painful. Rant to your heart's content, Sarah K. It is truly the fashion these days.

Ms. Herwald will return on Thursday.

More Verse from Last Weekend

Thurs. 10/6
Silence greets my midnight words
My art is sooooo beyond these nerds
I write with words of blinding truth
I offer rhymes of blackest proof
I cry aloud again and again
But how many hear me?
Eh... max, 10.
Why waste my breath?
Why waste my art?
This empty void reflects my heart

Sat. 10/8
From deep within my bottomless soul
Words of darkness clang and toll
Scribble, scribble
Blood of ink
Must tell them of the thoughts I think
But home is like a prison term
With those donors of the egg and sperm
"Stop your scribbling! Study math!"
My scribbling is their epitaph
My words will be like a blood bath

Sun. 10/9
Consuming trite things by the pound
That's what makes the world go 'round
Watch football games
Listen to rap
Wear baby pink socks from the Gap
You'll never see the dark inside
This midnight world from which you hide
The lamentations of the dead
Would fill your Disney heart with dread
But you cannot stay blind to the night
The truth is in the verse I write

- Claire

Monday, October 10, 2005

Infantile Blathering

Our vulnerable Claire composes and performs her own verse at every performance. Here is a sampling from last weekend's shows.

Wed. 10/5
Darkness stains my imagination
Thoughts kept apart like pagination
Spilling forth ink like it's my blood
While those squealing pigs root in the mud
Those kids at school - they're all sheep
Like life's zombies, they walk asleep
No art, no poetry, they're unawares
No cities burn within their tears
All they do is drink football beers
And get fat and pregnant by 24 years
They'll quail beneath my verse that sears

Fri. 10/7
All these people all over the 'verse
Boring and bored, their lives are a curse
Nothing touches their souls
Nothing burns in their hearts
They just watch "The O.C."
And eat chips til they fart
Every hand in the game
Every bedpost is notched
The play on their stage is torture to watch

Visit Claire's Room for her Big Box poetry.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


The weather has turned. Apparently it will turn back in a day or so, but this weekend has surely been a damp, cool, autumnal experience. Houses for the show have been good. Surprising actually, given the amount afforded to promotion. It's like every other late night experience I have ever had a hand in producing - and honestly, the turn-out on that score has been satisfying. We were a seat shy of a sell out on Friday, Saturday slightly less, and I was stunned by the number of people who came on this, a Sunday evening.

Stunned was also the look on some of the faces as they came out of the theater. I didn't mean to be hanging out in the lobby after the show, to catch people's reactions, I was there to take promotional shots. I do forget sometimes, this is a grotesque horror story, and not a happy-go-lucky sunshine festival.

We took a few new photos. I love the space we are using - the main feature of the set is this little alcove in the corner of the main hall. The main performances in the Levin (including Wallace Shawn's The Designated Mourner, now playing) are usually at the other end of the space, which was a dance hall in another century. It's like - "oh, I didn't realize that was there."

Impact Theatre presents Nicky Goes Goth
A hit at the 2004 New York Fringe Festival, Nicky Goes Goth takes us into the intoxicating but soul-sucking world of sexy socialite sisters Nicky and Paris Hilton. When Nicky begins to question the meaning of her life, her insular celebrity illusions start to shatter ... (more)

Stray Cat Theatre presents Nicky Goes Goth
If you feel you might resent Nicky and Paris Hilton, remember…they didn't ask to be born. Nicky Goes Goth asks us - WWPD? What Would Paris Do…if Nicky fell for a Goth guy? A runaway smash at last year’s NYC Fringe Festival ...(more)

Crazy. As the crowd filtered out, this tall man with a familiar face said, "Remember me?" I did - he was one of the physicians who had seen I Hate This at MetroHealth last week. I hadn't intended to pimp this show at the event (that didn't seem appropriate) but he
did come up to me after the show, and he did ask if I was doing any other theater work, and I did have a "Vampyres" card in my pocket. He says he liked the show. His wife looked like she had just swallowed a mouse.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Hunt Is On!

Man Sentenced For Biting Girls In 'Vampire' Case - The Indy Channel
INDIANAPOLIS -- An 18-year-old man accused of biting two teenage girls and telling them he was a vampire was sentenced Wednesday to two years of probation ... (more)

Canadian Vampire Sentenced To Prison - All Headline news
Montreal, Canada (AHN) - A self-proclaimed vampire is sentenced to 11½ years in prison, for attacking homeless people to take their blood ... (more)

Call a clue to vampire murder - The Australian
When he was murdered, Chartres-Abbott was part-way through a trial in the Victorian County Court on charges he raped and attacked a woman client after telling her he was a vampire who drank blood to survive. He was accused of severing part of the woman's tongue and biting her thigh ... (more)

Friday, October 07, 2005


Yep. There's something about this play that just pissess off a certain kind of person.

Also: check out this band at Rock & Roll Confidential

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari: UnSilent

SynthCleveland will present the 1921 classic silent horror film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari featuring a new live improvised soundtrack on Wednesday, October 26 at 8pm, at Rain Nightclub, 4142 Lorain Avenue in Cleveland.

Directed by Robert Wiene, "Caligari" is considered to be one of the landmark examples of the German Expressionist style (i.e. "Nosferatu", "Faust", "Metropolis"). The film is enigmatic and highly stylized, with a twist ending that M. Night Shyamalan wishes he had used -- madness, love, murder and sonambulists -- all set against a carnival side-show backdrop.

This is the fifth in a series of "UnSilent" films -- old movies with an added improvised live score -- performed this time by SynthCleveland members Steven K. Smith, Thieves Like Me, tofu, dust_head and fluxmonkey.

Spinning before and after the film will be special guest DJ Feima from WCSB's "F2" show.

Rain Nightclub is located at 4142 Lorain Avenue (216-651-4100). Directions

Admission (21+) is Free.

SynthCleveland | http://www.synthcleveland.com/unsilent/

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happiness In Slavery

Thanks for the banner ad, Jeon.

And there were critics there last night, too. But then, I guess everybody is one.

As for my opinion, I really feel Ali has taken this show where it was supposed to go in the first place. It was written in anger. I felt betrayed, debased, unsure ... and guilty. I wrote a play rally, really fast about all of that. I finished the first draft in three months. That was ten years ago. I was 27.

By the time we produced it at Dobama's Night Kitchen, I had mellowed out a lot. Director Tom narrowed in on the melancholy aspects of the script, it's period. There were a lot of pop culture references, allusions to the Millennium (it took place, originally, in 1999 - now it takes place ten years after that, if that's even relevant) and maybe the word "allusion" isn't even appropriate, that implies subtlety.

It was a sorrowful play in 1997. And, uhm, a bit whiny.

Last night I was struck by the frustration of the characters of both John and Mary, locked into boxes they had put themselves in. Mary was trying to get out, and John was trying to stay in.

Speaking of which, I was reminded of the video for Happiness in Slavery by Nine Inch Nails. A man walks into a bizarre room, lights a candle, strips naked, and sits in a chair which slowly, lovingly, and systematically tears him to pieces.

I felt as though this production, finally, is the true manifestation of that idea. Despite protestations to the contrary, you feed yourself to that which will consume you.

That's One.

Olsson Bro's Garlic & Shots

We survived opening night! I was, frankly, shocked by the turnout. It's not a huge house, we have room for forty seats, but there were almost 30 people there last night - and that's on a Wednesday. What was even more stunning was how many people attended who we didn't know, opening night crowds are usually teeming with familiar faces.

The company is simply doing dynamite work. I can't say enough about Tim, his take on John is like this walking open wound, or festering sore. And the songs are much better this time around - and really, really loud.

The run seems so short, just the two weeks, but they have nine more performances to get in. It has so many places it can go before they are through.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Children of the Night - Let's put on a Show!

Opening Night! Good luck, denizens of the Night Kitchen. Bask in this Hell of your own making. It should be quite a ride.

When I placed my head upon my pillow, I did not sleep, nor could I be said to think. . . . I saw - with shut eyes, but acute mental vision - I saw the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together.

I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then, on the working of some powerful engine, show signs of life, and stir with an uneasy, half-vital motion. Frightful must it be; for supremely frightful would be the effect of any human endeavor to mock the stupendous Creator of the world.
- Mary Wollestonecraft Shelley

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

All the damn vampires ...

Death Becomes Her: Goth goes from the mall to the runway - Village Voice
You may have heard the news by now: Goth is in for fall. It's so huge, in fact, that even perpetually cheery teen magazines are trying to embrace morbidity. According to Teen Vogue, "Goth style—with a romantic twist—is creeping into the mainstream, and designers didn't have to interview a vampire to fall under its spell." (more)

Talk about modern day vampyres. Do they exist? Are they just odd people? Are you one?

Vampyre Society
Check out the OVA - Ohio Vampyre Association.

Peter Murphy
Need we say more?

The Cool Report
Thanks for the plug, Steve. Steve was the coolest guy at my high school.

Vampire Kill Info? Call Again - Herald Sun
A CALLER with information on the murder of a self-professed vampire has been urged to contact investigators again.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

And on the third day ...

It is Sunday. We open on Wednesday. A curious day of the week to open. We have offered a THEATER PROFESSIONALS DISCOUNT for our two Wednesday evenings - bring a program from a current production, if you're in it, you get in for half-price.

Word of mouth is good, even before we open. There's a lot of support out there. And our fucking amazing stage manager Sarah K. attended Cinema Wasteland, the biggest horror movie convention in NEO on Saturday. She chatted up the attendents, passed out a lot of postcards, and got a lot of attention. Of course, I am trying to picture a statuesque knock-out like Sarah walking into an (ahem) horror movie convention and not attracting attention.

In the news ...

New Leads Sought in Vampire Murder - The Age
Homicide detectives have today released an image of a man they believe could help solve the murder of a male prostitute and self-confessed vampire outside his home two years ago ... (more)

Double Suicide Puts Goth Band in the Dock - Sunday Herald
THE joint suicide of two teenage girls, who hurled themselves from a 17th-floor window in a Paris suburb, has raised troubling questions in France about the influence of Black Metal – a form of modern rock music that openly glorifies violence and death.

Both girls were heavily influenced by the goth movement, wore black clothes and had body piercings. Friends said they were obsessed by suicide, and a weblog kept by Marion reveals an angry, self-hating stream of consciousness centring on ugliness and death ...

Faith Camp: Christian Students Gather and Prepare to Defend Their Beliefs - The Chronicle
Each summer more than 1,200 of them come from around the country to attend a two-week workshop on how to defend their faith during college. They listen to lectures on creationism versus evolution, abortion, homosexuality, Christianity and the media, euthanasia, and postmodernism, among other topics. While the workshop is sometimes referred to as a camp, that moniker is misleading: On an average day, students sit through six hours of classes ... (more)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Feel-Good Film of the Fall

Okay, this is just about the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Why The Historian Kicks The Da Vinci Code's Ass

The Da Vinci Code is about Jesus. The Historian is about vampires.

The Da Vinci Code is for people who have never once in their lives questioned Christ's divinity. The Historian is about vampires.

The protagonists of The Historian are thoughtful university types who enjoy good food and Europe. The Da Vinci Code's protagonists take the better part of an hour to figure out a sixth grade-level anagram.

The Historian's two central characters are realistic, flawed, interesting human beings. The Da Vinci Code's two lead characters are described as Harrison Ford-like and a knock-out, leggy French chick ... who, we are asked to accept, has a brain (see last point.)

The Historian: a horrifying Wallachian Count. The Da Vinci Code: an effeminate English Lord.

The Historian is creepy, and at times, very funny. The Da Vinci Code has a lot of exciting driving scenes.

(I read all of The Da Vinci Code this past summer. I am only on page 60 of The Historian.)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dancing the night away

Goth to dance! Dark dancers say cabaret law sucks life from scene
- The Villager, NYC

Between 200 to 500 people show up for the monthly events, Stillman said. Although there is no dress code, most people who attend the dance nights, as Saturday night’s crowd demonstrated, dress up in vinyl, velvet and leather — primarily in black and red.

Since 1926, it has been illegal to dance in a drinking and/or eating establishment in New York City that doesn’t have a cabaret license. Currently, there are only 273 legally operating clubs with cabaret licenses in all five boroughs, according to the city’s Department of Consumer Affairs ...

Trio scores with silent-film gig
Devil Music Ensemble provides ‘soundtrack’

- Worcester Telegram & Gazette

The horror classics “Nosferatu” and “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” are the other two full-length films currently in the ensemble’s repertoire. Both those films are wrapped in various red tape, which makes it difficult for the band to release the movies with its own soundtrack. The ensemble twice presented its version of “Caligari” at the Bijou movie theater in Worcester. Those who want to catch “Nosferatu,” the latest creation in the catalog, can see Devil Music Ensemble perform to that film on Oct. 28 and 29 at Pothole Pictures in Shelburne Falls, Oct. 31 at Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, and Nov. 5 at Brown University in Providence ... (more)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

We Get Letters ...

Before you read: please do not do this.


A quick search through the internet comes up with a surprisingly detailed description:

How To Make Absinthe

One ounce dried chopped wormwood
One tablespoon angelica root
One teaspoon hyssop
One half teaspoon coriander seeds
One quarter teaspoon caraway seeds
One pinch cardomon pods
One pinch fennel or anise seeds
One liter vodka

In a glass container add the wormwood to the vodka. Set aside in the dark for ten days. For extra-powerful absinthe, use Everclear or 151 rum instead of vodka. This will give you an authentic green-colored (thus 'green fairy') tincture (the green comes from the chlorophyll, and does not indicate the presence of the active ingredient, thujone).

100 proof vodka works good. too. Then strain out the wormwood and add all the remaining herbs and spices. Wait four more days, then strain these out and serve. Best when drank straight in short shots with water chasers. If trying Everclear (actually not recommended), dribble a little in a tall glass with ice and sour mix or cranberry juice.

Tom F.

Also: Ansinthe & Absinthe Accessories

"Mega Site of Bible studies and information"

... and be sure to visit badepitaph.com.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

"I'm the Green Fairy!"

ab·sinthe also ab·sinth n.

1. A perennial aromatic European herb (Artemisia absinthium), naturalized in eastern North America and having pinnatifid, silvery silky leaves and numerous nodding flower heads. Also called common wormwood.

2. A green liqueur having a bitter anise or licorice flavor and a high alcohol content, prepared from absinthe and other herbs, and now prohibited in many countries because of its toxicity.

[Middle English, wormwood, from Old French, from Latin absinthium, from Greek apsinthion.]

And here now; a list of websites, some of which can tell you, in minute detail, the best way (NOT) to cock a loaded gun and put it in your mouth ...

August Strindberg & Helium: Absinthe & Women
An hysterical animation.

La Fee Verte
"Please be wary of elixirs, tinctures, the flaming Czech fire ritual and absinthe sold on ebay. DO NOT BUY ABSINTHE RECIPES OFF OF EBAY."

Zoomgraphics Absinthe Page
Includes the "Absinthe Timeline" and "Famous Absinthe Drinkers."

Absinthe - the Spirit of Oblivion
A compendium of knowledge on how (NOT) to make your own absinthe.

Absinthe -The Green Fairy
Tasty recipies.
"Disclaimer: The following is for informational purposes only. Some of the substances mentioned here can be toxic and may result in injury and very nasty hangovers."
Yes. Death is a very nasty hangover.

The Absinthe Literary Review
This is just a precious, atry readers' website with name "absinthe" in it.

About Absinthe in New Orleans
An email from the wise:
"Listen, I heard you was the explosivs guru, byut i have this problem with this drink people used to make int the 1700s from all kinds of natural stuff they found in there gardins and stuff. Its calld abs inthe . Its made from the boiled up wormwood plant and I have to try it. Would you mind telling me how to boil up wormwood to get the good stuf out of it.?

"Theres this guy who does a page about drugs and food and stuff and he's like a total addct. maybe if you dont know how already you couldc go read his instructions on yhow to make it. I';; thry to print the www stuff at the bottom of the page so you can chek it out. and this guys "mail to cris tagart" is on his page. He wont talk to me because he got in troble for poisoning this guy and he dosnt help anyone anymore with making the stuff.

"But if you go over his web page you could figur out anything you dont alredy know. Let me know if you chage a fee for this stuff k? Thank you so so much and reply asap rsvp k?"

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday, October 17, 2009 con't.

Subject: Barista wanted
From: deathfairy@gmail.com
Posted: 17 Oct 2009 20:21 EDT

To Whomever,

OMFJCOAS – I am so totally perfect for this job! Not only do I have experience serving coffee at the Caribou on Coventry, I have also retail experience at the GAP on Coventry, bussing tables at the T.G.I. Friday’s on Coventry and cleaning bathrooms at the MacDonald’s on Coventry. I would provide references, but my tenure at those last three, wretched establishments were brief and none-too-stellar; I was hoping people like you might understand. I am punctual and efficient, just don’t ask me to smile at anyone.

On a personal note, I live on the dark side and will kill myself if you do not give me this job. GET ME OUT OF COVENTRY!!!!!!!



Subject: Re: Barista wanted
From: nightkitchen@yahoo.com
Posted: 17 Oct 2009 22:58 EDT

Well. We’d better give the job then, right?

Show up tomorrow promptly at 5 PM. The key is under the backdoor mat. Have the place ready to open by 6 PM. You will start at $7.50 and we will raise that shortly thereafter if things go well. You can give us all the ugly legal details when you arrive.

All tips are yours. Keep not smiling.

The Management

Saturday, October 17, 2009

neohio.craigslist.org > cleveland > retail/food jobs > Barista wanted
last modified: Sat, 17 Oct 01:38 EDT

email this posting to a friend

Barista wanted

Reply to: nightkitchen@yahoo.com
Date: 2009-10-17, 1:38AM EDT

hello We need 1 female barista for smart, baroque coffee shop, no experience necessary, must have a pulse, night availability imperative, send picture, send your phone number so we can contact you

Job location is on 58th St near Brodway (LINO)
Compensation: 7.50 to 9.50
no -- Principals only. Recruiters, do not contact this job poster.
no -- No phone calls about this job
no -- Do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
no -- Reposting this message elsewhere is not ok
Again - principals ONLY. others will be harmed

Copyright © 2009 craigslist, inc. terms of use privacy policy feedback forum

Friday, September 23, 2005

Keyword: Goth

The Opelousas Daily World: 'Goth' dress gets Evangeline board's attention

VILLE PLATTE - A male Pine Prairie High student's mascara, black, pointed fingernails, and skull belt buckle has led to charges of devil worship and changes in the dress code for Evangeline Parish schools.

"After spending seven years working in drug prevention programs, this all points to some form of devil worship to me," School Board member Wayne Dardeau said. "Something is not right. It is not normal for a male student to wear facial makeup and paint their nails. We could take no action and leave it up to the principal and
end up with another Columbine on our hands ..." (more)

East Bay Express: Dead Can Revive - A quirky, relentlessly original goth-rock duo goes the Pixies route
"It's a bit like childbirth, actually," Dead Can Dance vocalist Lisa Gerrard muses with a laugh, ruminating on her ethereal-goth-pop band's recent, unlikely reunion after a long, enigmatic, oft-thorny history. "When you're going through it, it's quite painful. But afterwards, when you think about having the beautiful baby in your arms, you don't remember the pain ..." (more)

"Where gothic friends and singles feel at home!"
Testimonial: "im sure if youve visited my profile you all know tht im getting married ahhh im so excited im getting married on my b-day of next year which is on Feb.5,2006 my fiance and i have been dating for about 5 yrs now finally he proposed im so excited you guys wish me luck its been my dream to marry him ever since we started dating i just hope it can work out i just moved in with him like 2 weeks ago neways if you havnt seen wut he looks like the pic tht i have is him" (see above) - Synthetic Slut

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Books, Flicks & Those Darn Kids

Globe & Mail: Talk About Byronic!
Crowley nests three stories within Lord Byron's Novel. At the core of the book is the deciphered manuscript itself. While The Evening Land avoids a slavish recreation of Byron's prose style, the picaresque story of the young Lord Sane convincingly evokes the Gothic horrors and romances that arose from the summer at Villa Diodati, on Lake Geneva, during which Byron, Shelley, Mary Shelley and Dr. John Polidori took turns telling one another ghost stories. The Evening Land is a fitting companion to Shelley's Frankenstein and Polidori's The Vampyre, which were published after that summer ... (more)

Fangoria: Two New Horror Anthologies Debut
Debbie Rochon tells VAMPYRE TALES in a new anthology for Wicked Dreams Entertainment and Allied Horror. Rochon (see her in person at the FANGORIA Weekend of Horrors, September 24-25; go here for tix) plays Countess Plasma alongside crazed servant Phlegm (WOLFSBAYNE’s Jim O’Rear, pictured above with Rochon). The duo deal with disgruntled Transylvanian villagers (including Amber Newman of LUST FOR FRANKENSTEIN) while spinning their creepy stories ... (more)

The Providence Journal: After midnight -- Our kids' new vampire lifestyle
Shakespeare called sleep "nature's soft nurse" and "chief nourisher in life's feast," but try telling that to today's high-school and college students, who have embraced the night with a vengeance ... (more)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Free Times arts listing, 10/14/2009

Into Hell
Mary S. the primrose path of dalliance treads as she proves once again that you do not need an MFA to make the kind of detailed marks that lead viewers to question your sanity. Her folk-inspired paintings take a journey through the Underworld which is at turns disturbing and hysterical. In a good way.
Edison's Pub, October 9 - November 12
Part of the Tremont Art Walk

Artist website

Also: VLAD Movie Director: Interview with Michael Sellers - Movies Online
VLAD is a movie that Luke has added to the site that is a low budget vampire story that actually looks quite fantastic. VLAD chronicles the supernatural adventures of four graduate students who embark on a quest to discover the original Dracula – Vlad Tepes Drakul ... (more)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Saturday, October 10, 2009



Date of Birth: July 26, 1982
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 185 pounds
Race: Caucasian

Jordan Branston was last seen in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 7, 2009. Branston, who is employed by Cleveland Scene, failed to return to his office on the following two days. He was then reported as missing.

On October 9, 2009, Branston's leather jacket was located by a jogger in a creek near Kinsman Road. A preliminary search of his apartment revealed no signs of either departure or struggle, though a small nail had been used to scrape the word "CRITIC" into the front door.

Branston's whereabouts remain unknown.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mo' Promo

Public Theatre cuts budget, tries to end money-losing ways - The Plain Dealer, 9/18/05

A run-down of the Cleveland Public Theatre season in today's Sunday Arts section - and yay, the print version included a big ol' picture of Sadie (see right.)

Also: We got some nice accolades for the BIG BOX production in this month's angle magazine, a link I will re-post when their online version catches up with the one currently on the racks. Thanks, Linda!

Sheer Pandemonium

Wow. That was pointless.

Last night was the PANDEMONIUM benefit at CPT. Sadie and Doug had prepared a short scene from the The Vampyres - the Mary and Percy "seduction" scene, in keeping with the Addicted to Love theme - in the hope of exposing the show to a potentially large audience.

As I drove past the CPT parking lot on Detroit - which had been turned into one of the main, outdoor gathering areas of the event, with performances going on all over the grounds, thank goodness the rain stopped a few hours earlier - I could see the event was very well attended, and very crowded, indeed.

Parking on West 65th, I was prepared to lie about being on the artists' guest list. I could have been, I guess, but I hadn't told anyone I was coming. The admission was something like $100, and I knew CPT was quite serious about not letting anyone in for free. I myself have thrown a number of theater benefits where the lion's share of attendants were "comped" in, perhaps working off the assumption that they would make it up at the Silent Auction or some other money-making scheme. But when ticket prices are $100, that is the money-making scheme.

Heading up Detroit, I saw police and the people standing out front ready to point people to where they needed to go to get in properly and thought "yoiks" and immediately turned up the alley on the side of the Levin, and snuck into that theater, which was being used more as a holding pen and prep area. I checked a map and found where the scene from THE VAMPYRES was to be performed - an "intimate" stage behind the Church, or so Ali had told me she was told.

I headed behind the Gordon Square, through smoking actors, and into the rear of the parking lot - which in places is more like an urban garden. There was a DJ in the rear of the theater playing some beats with heavy, heavy bass. A lone, desperate voice screeched through the vine-covered chain link fence at the rear of the lot, "Will you shut the ---- up!" and "Shut off that ----ing noise!"

Apparently one of their neighbors hadn't gotten the memo.

I spotted Randy walking over to where the voice was coming from calling, "Hello? Can I help you?"

"Yeah, shut that ----ing music off! I am getting a headache!"

"I'm sorry," he said, pleasantly, "I am afraid we're having a special event ..."

I kept walking. I had successfully crashed the party. I promised myself I wouldn't drink much.

I found Sadie and Doug. Doug looked GOOD (Sadie always looks good) - he's shaved, and kept the long hair, and was wearing an outfit which I can only imagine came from Ali's own wardrobe. Thrilling to see a thin Percy for a change. Not gaunt, just pleasant to look at with his shirt unbuttoned.

The stage was not intimate at all. It was a platform rather exposed and open to everyone's view in the entire parking lot. Not that many were watching, there was this dance & poetry performance art thing going on ... and it continued to go on. Our spot was at 9:05 with another at 9:25. I arrived at 9:05. They went on for another ten minutes, and took another five to strike their stuff.

I looked around for the postcards we were supposed to have to pimp the show to the gawkers, but there were none. Sadie noted they had no mics, no one would be able to hear them. But she was totally game, so was Doug, and they hit the stage, doing the seduction scene. Sadie's boyfriend Orrin had gone around, asking people to turn their attention to the stage, though few did, at first. The two of us stood very close to the stage. I couldn't hear a word.

And yet, that didn't matter. In the few short days they had had the chance to work this scene, they have already put together a delightfully sensuous choreography - it's all done standing now, as I understand it will be done in the performance. Gone is the bench. And good riddance, as far as I'm concerned, that thing was flattering to no one. By the time Doug started kissing Sadie's arm people started moving closer, and I heard one or two say, "Oh - this must be THE VAMPYRES."

Percy fed, Mary fell, Percy looked at the gathered few and snarled, "Don't tell!" which got a few laughs, and they broke character and stood. We applauded. Everyone resumed drinking.

"Should we do it again?" Sadie asked. The scene lasted about two minutes. It was two minutes until their second timeslot, 9:25. I observed that they would be performing it for the exact same crowd. I proposed their moving into a different crowd of people, and spontaneously doing it right there. That would have been great, but we decided the ground was too filthy, their clothes would be ruined, and this was true. We had fulfilled our obligation, it was time to get into Gordon Square for the awards ceremony.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Offal - Cleveland Scene

Stepping into The Night Kitchen, a new coffee shop in the LINO District, I didn't know whether to turn tail and run, or just flop onto one of the plush, velvet couches and start huffing paint thinner. Sure, the teenage wench at the counter at the counter was characteristically sullen and looked as though she had been dipped into mascara and ash, but at least the coffee was a good, strong roast. The décor was your typical grandpa’s-rec room-meets-Satan’s-crack-den with second hand furniture, leering gargoyle statuary and lovingly framed posters of 70s Hammer films.

The "entertainment" for the evening was a pair of well-dressed "vampires" (I will withhold all further air quotes, you get me) who make up The Phantom Toolbooth. One was stout, a pitbull of a man, wrapped in leather, who noisily cut his way to the dinky stage, as though the show had already started in the utility closet. The other, the tall, quiet one with all the hair, appeared to glide across the floor, looking for all the world as though he wished anyone else was there but the small audience who had gathered.

The performance itself was unremarkable, the lyrics an amalgam of classical references and crude sexual double-entendres ("Is this a dagger I see before me," indeed) and included all the requisite posing, slinking and growling of someone who desperately wants to be Trent Reznor, but isn't. - Jordan Branston, Scene Magazine, 10/7/2009

The Night Kitchen, 8850 East 58th Street, Cleveland

also: The Search for Real Absinthe: Like Tinkerbell, the Green Fairy lives only if we believe in her. - Reason

Trendy Gothic Vampire Sh*t

Suck Pigface Gub
Weird Science Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party
Head Like A Hole PIG Covered In Nails- A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails
Enter Sandman Apocalyptica Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
The Wondrous Boat Ride Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Wish You Dead Curve Doppleganger
Dead Souls Joy Division Substance 1977-1980
The Perfect Drug Dkay.com/Die Krupps Covered In Nails- A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails
Realm Lestat Vision Of Sorrows
Effigy (I'm Not An) Ministry With Sympathy
This Corrosion The Sisters Of Mercy Floodland
Cry, Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys) Gerard McMann The Lost Boys
Sanctified Nine Inch Nails Purest Feeling
Bela Lugosi's Dead Bauhaus Crackle
Cuts You Up Peter Murphy Deep

Stuck my head into rehearsal last night at Ali's to drop off the old laptop (a prop) and prezzies for everyone - a new mix CD of derivative, dark rock. Just the basics, please, the most obvious tracks, nothing deep, please, God, I beg you.

I had a sleeping two year-old on my shoulder, so I could not stay, but I was already impressed by the five minutes or so I watched. The set (the coffee house) was crammed tightly together, as it will be at the Levin for this revised production. Very claustrophobic. Sweet.

Doug and Sadie will be performing a scene at CPT's Pandemonium III benefit this Saturday, and apparently they had a chance to work on that last night. I am going to try and check out at least one of the two or three times they will be presenting it.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sunday, October 4, 2009

President Rice lays a wreath at the tomb of President George W. Bush on the first year anniversary of his assassination. President Rice held back tears and firmly gripped the hand of Vice President Cheney, who looked characteristically inscrutible. Cheney’s behavior at the ceremony went to fuel recent speculation that he had a hand in the “October Surprise” which pulled Dr. Rice’s candidacy out of a post-convention torpor and translated it into a 68% sympathy-inspired victory. - NY Times

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A small coffee house, The Night Kitchen, opens with little ceremony in the trendy, working class, Little New Orleans neighborhood of Cleveland. Smoky, dark curtains obscure any view into the store from the street. The signage raises some eyebrows, but for most residents, the place is practically invisible.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Don't like your opponent? Trick' em out like a vampire!

Opposition Nationalist Party lawmaker Hung Hsiu-chu, right, displays a placard that translates as 'Catch the corrupt vampires that suck the blood of Thai workers' during the first session of the Taiwan Legislature Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005 in Taipei, Taiwan. As the Legislature opened a new session Tuesday following its summer recess, opposition legislators demanded that Premier Frank Hsieh take a leave of absence amid various scandals ranging from charges of labor rights abuses to high level corruption.
(AP Photo/Andy Chen)

The Philippines
Protesters in batman costumes show pictures portraying the Philippines President Gloria Arroyo as a blood sucking vampire bat as a leftist-led signature campaign kicks off in Manila against Arroyo's centerpiece expanded value added tax law. Arroyo says she will try to assure US businessmen about investing in the Philippines despite a political scandal shrouding her presidency and concerns over a rising budget deficit.
(AFP/Jay Directo)

... and now some real news ...

Vampire active again, claims occult expert
THE Highgate Vampire Society has been revamped and come back out of its coffin with a new website. David Farrant, president of the British Psychic and Occult Society, founded the Highgate Vampire Society in 1997 ... (more)
- Hampstead & Highgate Express

also: David Farrant's British Psychic and Occult Society website

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I am known in some parts as "Devil of the Underworld"

Dracula Society
Vampire Church
The Vampire Codex Index
Vampire Films
Vampire Magazine
The Vampire Name Generator

... and, of course;
Number of the Day

Interview With The Christ

AP - Sun Sep 4, 7:40 PM ET
Vampires are usually her passion, but Anne Rice is getting biblical in her next book, due out in November from publisher Random House. 'Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt' will tell the story of Jesus' early years in his own words. (AP Photo/Bill Haber, File)

Also: Do You Know What It Mean To Lose New Orleans? by Anne Rice - NY Times
plus letters in response

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Orcinus: The New Orleans race vampires

Like something that came crawling out of the flooded cellars, the ugly side of right-wing extremism has surfaced in the wake of the disaster in New Orleans -- and, as usual, it's beginning to seep into the discourse from mainstream conservatism too ... (more)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Even Frustrated, Bi-Sexual Art Fags Have Feelings

01. Suck Nine Inch Nails Broken
02. Everyday Is Halloween Ministry Twelve Inch Singles
03. Join In The Chant Nitzer Ebb That Total Age
04. Bazamba Sister Soleil Drown Me In You
05. Nothing [Important] Rosetta Stone Gothik: Music from the Dark Side
06. Where Does a Body End? Swans Great Annihilator
07. She's Lost Control Joy Division The Peel Sessions
08. Sober Tool Undertow
09. One Hundred Years The Cure Pornography
10. Distance Mors Syphilitica Primrose
11. On the Edge Queue Up Possession
12. Nemesis Shriekback Oil & Gold
13. Cities In Dust Siouxsie & the Banshees Twice Upon A Time - The Singles
14. Crystal Wrists Peter Murphy Deep
15. A Night Like This The Cure The Head On The Door
16. Closer To God Nine Inch Nails Closer To God

This playlist was a gift to those in the February BIG BOX production. A sample of what might have been played at the Nine of Clubs (later Alter House) on West Ninth Street in Cleveland - part of what is now the fashionable Warehouse District - if all of these tracks were available back then. The place must have closed in 1989. I think the actual building is still a porn shop ... but then, it always was.

I do not pretend to have been deep into the Goth scene, or even the trendy so-called "art" scene, in the late 80s. Sometime during the spring of 1987 someone suggested I listen to Head On the Door or Staring at the Sea or somesuch and I felt an urgent need to go to classes with brown eyeliner. I felt like I was walking around campus without any pants on - and it felt good. By summer I had dyed my hair black (and so went the eyeliner) as well as a lot of my wardrobe.

This lasted about six months, though I still liked the music.

Even when I did not have a date I would go to the Nine with a sketch pad and pencils and draw the people. Middle-age queens would lean over my shoulder and ask, "Whatcha writing, sweetheart?" Big, stupid, Dr. Seuss hats were popular even then, I always thought it so funny when some dork would sport one of Coventry as late as 1993.

By 1988, when Bloody Poetry was being produced at school, I was gothic, not Goth, with my round specs, long hair (oh yeh, I had hair then) and I always wore a tie and vest. But I still danced to the dark stuff.

Poseur? Moi?