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Friday, August 12, 2005

I'll be right bat.

Okay, how did a bat get into our basement?

I ---- you not, Toni and I were sitting at the dining room table around midnight, having a glass of red wine (no I am not making this up) and suddenly this thing flutters up the stairs from the basement and into the kitchen when I could not see it.

It took a moment for me to register what I had seen. I must have blurted out something original like, "what the hell was that?!"

It was this tiny bat, and it made circles around the kitchen, and then the dining room, and then the living. Toni tried to calm me down as I shrieked like a child and used a newspaper to shield me from the poor, terrified animal.

We opened the back door, and the front door - and it flew up the stairs.

I stayed downstairs, you know, to take care of it if it came back, while Toni bravely went upstairs, opened a window in the tee vee room, and lured it outside, warmly cooing, "This way, this way now, you're all right."

I made sure no more bats came in through the front or back door, though I think one of our cats ran away.

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