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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Back to School

Am currently reading three books at once. I don't recommend the practice, only I can't make up my mind.

Lord Byron's Doctor by Paul West
Can you believe it, this book has been on my shelf for nigh sixteen years and I am only now exploring this amusing tale of the summer of 1816 told from the point of view of Polidori.

Players: The Mysterious Identity of William Shakespeare by Bertram Fields
Maybe he wrote them, maybe he didn't. What's funny is the increasingly hystrionic missives to the NY Times from traditionalists insisting there is no controversy. Obviously, there is, Miss Thing, or you wouldn't be writing letters.

And, of course, Harry Potter Third-way through. Lots of exposition. Waiting for something to happen. I hear it's big.

Article: French Quarter Becomes Oasis of Wary Calm - NY Times


Henrik said...

HP is pretty good. One review I read said the plot doesn't really kick in until chapter 26. A bit unfair but I see their point. I'm finally reading A Thread of Grace which you recommended on the other blog. Still going to call you sometime, honest.

justinian said...

Here you are.

Doug said...

Perhaps you weren't meant to read "Lord Byron's Doctor" for the first 15 years you owned it. As the time is right, so shall you be guided. Read on!

lauralu said...

now i see why your "i hate this" blogging has been so, um, half-hearted of late.

i finally gave in and picked up "the sparrow" and then read it all in a single, sick afternoon (by sick i mean me and not the book or the afternoon). now i need to read the sequel and then we can all discuss, sometime when you're between shows again and therefore sane.

we're looking at our schedules to figure out when we can see the vampyres. we want to bring all the kids from the boys and girls club as a treat; will that be okay? halloween is their favorite holiday.

pengo said...

Of course, bring all the kids from the neighborhood. We'll eat them.

lauralu said...