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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Don't like your opponent? Trick' em out like a vampire!

Opposition Nationalist Party lawmaker Hung Hsiu-chu, right, displays a placard that translates as 'Catch the corrupt vampires that suck the blood of Thai workers' during the first session of the Taiwan Legislature Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005 in Taipei, Taiwan. As the Legislature opened a new session Tuesday following its summer recess, opposition legislators demanded that Premier Frank Hsieh take a leave of absence amid various scandals ranging from charges of labor rights abuses to high level corruption.
(AP Photo/Andy Chen)

The Philippines
Protesters in batman costumes show pictures portraying the Philippines President Gloria Arroyo as a blood sucking vampire bat as a leftist-led signature campaign kicks off in Manila against Arroyo's centerpiece expanded value added tax law. Arroyo says she will try to assure US businessmen about investing in the Philippines despite a political scandal shrouding her presidency and concerns over a rising budget deficit.
(AFP/Jay Directo)

... and now some real news ...

Vampire active again, claims occult expert
THE Highgate Vampire Society has been revamped and come back out of its coffin with a new website. David Farrant, president of the British Psychic and Occult Society, founded the Highgate Vampire Society in 1997 ... (more)
- Hampstead & Highgate Express

also: David Farrant's British Psychic and Occult Society website


Anonymous said...

One thing about which the original investigators are absolutely certain is that no authentic reports of supernatural vampire infestation or kindred disturbances have taken place at Highgate Cemetery for three and a half decades.

If you visit the Vampire Research Society online it is apparent that they still have members living in the vicinity of Highgate Cemetery and they know of no recent sighting from any credible witness.

The person making these wild and unsubstantiated allegations - and it is only one person - is a notorious local figure who was jailed in the 1970s for desecration and vandalism at Highgate Cemetery. He is also something of a publicity-seeker.

Now he is attempting to manufacture a new scare that the vampire is active again in the cemetery. Yet no scrap of evidence is provided. No witnesses have been identified. No testimony can be checked. Not one person has independently come forward to verify such a claim which remains the fodder of newspaper hacks who have been fed this latter-day attempt to jump on the bandwagon of the Highgate Vampire case by the same man who tried to exploit it for his own self-aggrandisement thirty-six years ago.

Anonymous said...

Tony Hill first knew David Farrant in 1968 when Farrant’s wife was working as a part-time barmaid in The Woodman, Archway Road, just up from where Tony lived. Following Tony’s six month “holiday” with Mrs Farrant her unfortunate husband made himself destitute by declaring himself bankrupt within a few months of squandering an inheritance and was summarily booted out of his apartment (also in Archway Road). Tony offered his coal bunker in the communal cellar under his ground floor flat. Farrant jumped at the chance and remained Tony’s “tenant” for the period from August 1969 to August 1970. It was during this time that Tony colluded with Farrant to fake a ghost story in the local press and took photographs of him prancing about graveyards for that purpose. Then Farrant heard about the legendary vampire at Highgate Cemetery and thought it a convenient bandwagon to hop on. This he did by writing to his local newspaper and pretending to have seen it no less than three times. Tony took more pictures of him brandishing stakes and goodness knows what else. Some were published in newspapers. The rest, as they say, is history. When Farrant tired of the vampire bandwagon he joined the growing witchcraft craze and became known as a “wicked witch” locally because of the nasty pranks and evil stunts he pulled on people. This behaviour quickly landed him in jail with a stiff sentence, by which time Tony was giving him a very wide berth. Farrant was always his own worst enemy. His problem was that he could only make threats and could never deliver the goods. Journalists understandably tired of him. Everyone tired of him. Despite another brief marriage and another divorce, Farrant had already become the lonely and pathetic figure he is today, a worn-out shell filled with simmering malice toward those he despises and secretly envies, a talentless non-entity immersed in his own foolishness, a man eaten away with deep hatred who spends his existence in a bed-sitting room from where he produces streams of bile with which he poisons the web. Born in 1946, this tragic old man still shuffles back and forth to the sorting office in London’s Muswell Hill to collect his mail from the post office box address he has been hiding behind for years. Meanwhile, he publishes on the web his victims’ names and private addresses alongside hateful incitements designed to inflict harm. As someone observed years ago: Farrant’s real harm is self-inflicted. A lost soul.