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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Even Frustrated, Bi-Sexual Art Fags Have Feelings

01. Suck Nine Inch Nails Broken
02. Everyday Is Halloween Ministry Twelve Inch Singles
03. Join In The Chant Nitzer Ebb That Total Age
04. Bazamba Sister Soleil Drown Me In You
05. Nothing [Important] Rosetta Stone Gothik: Music from the Dark Side
06. Where Does a Body End? Swans Great Annihilator
07. She's Lost Control Joy Division The Peel Sessions
08. Sober Tool Undertow
09. One Hundred Years The Cure Pornography
10. Distance Mors Syphilitica Primrose
11. On the Edge Queue Up Possession
12. Nemesis Shriekback Oil & Gold
13. Cities In Dust Siouxsie & the Banshees Twice Upon A Time - The Singles
14. Crystal Wrists Peter Murphy Deep
15. A Night Like This The Cure The Head On The Door
16. Closer To God Nine Inch Nails Closer To God

This playlist was a gift to those in the February BIG BOX production. A sample of what might have been played at the Nine of Clubs (later Alter House) on West Ninth Street in Cleveland - part of what is now the fashionable Warehouse District - if all of these tracks were available back then. The place must have closed in 1989. I think the actual building is still a porn shop ... but then, it always was.

I do not pretend to have been deep into the Goth scene, or even the trendy so-called "art" scene, in the late 80s. Sometime during the spring of 1987 someone suggested I listen to Head On the Door or Staring at the Sea or somesuch and I felt an urgent need to go to classes with brown eyeliner. I felt like I was walking around campus without any pants on - and it felt good. By summer I had dyed my hair black (and so went the eyeliner) as well as a lot of my wardrobe.

This lasted about six months, though I still liked the music.

Even when I did not have a date I would go to the Nine with a sketch pad and pencils and draw the people. Middle-age queens would lean over my shoulder and ask, "Whatcha writing, sweetheart?" Big, stupid, Dr. Seuss hats were popular even then, I always thought it so funny when some dork would sport one of Coventry as late as 1993.

By 1988, when Bloody Poetry was being produced at school, I was gothic, not Goth, with my round specs, long hair (oh yeh, I had hair then) and I always wore a tie and vest. But I still danced to the dark stuff.

Poseur? Moi?


Henrik said...

Cool photo. It's a bit Alex from Clockwork Orange and a bit Liza from Cabaret.

lauralu said...

you were just so damn pretty.

lauralu said...

i feel like i need to replace my profile picture if i'm going to comment on this blog.

pengo said...

Heck, I was thinking of using THAT as my profile picture.

The "Clockwork Orange" thing freaks me out these days. I am in league with those who thought it was "cool" when I first saw it as a teenager. Now I think it's offensive, I mean, Kubrick really made gang rape look sexy and fun.

That was his point, of course, the man was a misanthrope, but the same images now repulse me ... and I am truly disturbed by guys my age who still think it's sexy and fun.

The book is better anyhow, right right right?

Henrik said...

Yeah. Clockwork was cool the first time or two and then sickening and now I have no desire to see it anymore.

The Kubrick homage is Charlie and the Choc Factory made me laugh out loud. As did much of that film.