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- Tony Brown, cleveland.com

"Full of suspense, romance, drama and lots of laughs!"

- Dan Shaurette, Out of the Coffin podcast

This extraordinary one-act drama deftly explores the evolution of the centuries-old vampire myth.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

And on the third day ...

It is Sunday. We open on Wednesday. A curious day of the week to open. We have offered a THEATER PROFESSIONALS DISCOUNT for our two Wednesday evenings - bring a program from a current production, if you're in it, you get in for half-price.

Word of mouth is good, even before we open. There's a lot of support out there. And our fucking amazing stage manager Sarah K. attended Cinema Wasteland, the biggest horror movie convention in NEO on Saturday. She chatted up the attendents, passed out a lot of postcards, and got a lot of attention. Of course, I am trying to picture a statuesque knock-out like Sarah walking into an (ahem) horror movie convention and not attracting attention.

In the news ...

New Leads Sought in Vampire Murder - The Age
Homicide detectives have today released an image of a man they believe could help solve the murder of a male prostitute and self-confessed vampire outside his home two years ago ... (more)

Double Suicide Puts Goth Band in the Dock - Sunday Herald
THE joint suicide of two teenage girls, who hurled themselves from a 17th-floor window in a Paris suburb, has raised troubling questions in France about the influence of Black Metal – a form of modern rock music that openly glorifies violence and death.

Both girls were heavily influenced by the goth movement, wore black clothes and had body piercings. Friends said they were obsessed by suicide, and a weblog kept by Marion reveals an angry, self-hating stream of consciousness centring on ugliness and death ...

Faith Camp: Christian Students Gather and Prepare to Defend Their Beliefs - The Chronicle
Each summer more than 1,200 of them come from around the country to attend a two-week workshop on how to defend their faith during college. They listen to lectures on creationism versus evolution, abortion, homosexuality, Christianity and the media, euthanasia, and postmodernism, among other topics. While the workshop is sometimes referred to as a camp, that moniker is misleading: On an average day, students sit through six hours of classes ... (more)


sarah said...

why thank you sir!

i must admit it was a tough day. talking to people, shopping for long lost movies, riding elevators with syd hague and the dude from Lifeforce.
the sacrifices one makes for art!

pengo said...


Sir Percival said...

Everyone talks of sacrificing for their art, but does anyone consider sacrifices for their art supplies? I mean, if you've got an altar, a sharp implement of destruction, a hobbled horse and a need for glue...

pengo said...

... then what happens? I'm on the edge of my seat.