"Hysterical, campy fun!"
- Tony Brown, cleveland.com

"Full of suspense, romance, drama and lots of laughs!"

- Dan Shaurette, Out of the Coffin podcast

This extraordinary one-act drama deftly explores the evolution of the centuries-old vampire myth.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Faux Frightening? Quelle Pretentious!

Goth Sides Now: The Vampyres explores the depths of Goth culture - The Free Times
The concept of the vampire has become something of a cliché in contemporary pop goth culture. Its familiar signifiers of dress (black, of course, with spectacular platform boots), music (from Bauhaus to Nine Inch Nails) and literature (Poppy Z. Brite, for those who have graduated from Anne Rice) have been adopted by thousands of morose teenagers and committed post-teens. David Hansen’s long one-act, The Vampyres, starts with those clichés, often using them for comic relief while digging beneath them to get at something much deeper about the allure of the vampire concept and its connections with (and conflating of) sex and death ... (more)

The renown rock critic Anastasia Pantsios finds our play to be both an amusing send-up of and disturbing tribute to Goth culture, while theater reviewers for The Plain Dealer and Cleveland Scene trip over each other for vampire cliches to say how much they wish this show would go away and die.

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