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Thursday, October 06, 2005

That's One.

Olsson Bro's Garlic & Shots

We survived opening night! I was, frankly, shocked by the turnout. It's not a huge house, we have room for forty seats, but there were almost 30 people there last night - and that's on a Wednesday. What was even more stunning was how many people attended who we didn't know, opening night crowds are usually teeming with familiar faces.

The company is simply doing dynamite work. I can't say enough about Tim, his take on John is like this walking open wound, or festering sore. And the songs are much better this time around - and really, really loud.

The run seems so short, just the two weeks, but they have nine more performances to get in. It has so many places it can go before they are through.

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Henrik said...

Sorry, no cake this time. Glad it went well. I think I just live on the wrong side of the world to appreciate your work. I just gets the publicity and the reviews. Kind of like watching Shakespeare - hearing the characters talking about what they're going to do - missing the actions - but coming back just in time to hear them recap what they did! (Yes, I know I got that from you.)