"Hysterical, campy fun!"
- Tony Brown, cleveland.com

"Full of suspense, romance, drama and lots of laughs!"

- Dan Shaurette, Out of the Coffin podcast

This extraordinary one-act drama deftly explores the evolution of the centuries-old vampire myth.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Today, these are my names:

The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity:
Duke of The Great Oceans

Known in some parts of the world as:
Devil of The Underworld

The Great Archives Record:
Of the world below, creeping amongst the catacombs and sewers of the city.

Another word on THE VAMPIRE (stage play) ... interesting how the original short story, to be read in private, presented a tale where evil succeeds and the virtuous hero (right?) goes insane and then dies. In the publicly performed play, good triumphs over evil and even the victims have their revenge.

The Vampire, or The Bride of the Isles
by J. R. Planché
Full text of the English language version of Naodier's THE VAMPIRE ... public domain ..?

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