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This extraordinary one-act drama deftly explores the evolution of the centuries-old vampire myth.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

…away with you and your “technology”!

The problem with the narrator conceit and all of his annotations and research is that the artifacts of his early history are tangible - something you can easily pick up, handle and read. A diary, a newspaper clipping, a letter.

The third arc works very well because it is an actual interview, which is being recounted. One artifact, performed.

In the final piece he must return - for he cannot simply disappear, that would be bad form - but the artifacts are blogs and ... well, that one works, I show Lucy writing her blog. And there is a newspaper article, there are still print newspapers if only for another year or two.

(Side note: TKT criticized the newspaper style I wrote in, stating that the lede is the third "graph" when it should be - duh - the first. I told her I had used a real newspaper article as my guide. Super-side note: Blogger does not recognize the proper spelling of the word "lede" which should also tell you something.)

But I need a third piece, to cover something which cannot be performed onstage. I wanted it to be an amateur YouTube video of the bike stunt gone horribly wrong - but there's no way we can incorporate video into the outreach tour, so I thought it could just be the audio, but that's not making me happy at all. I'm thinking of making it an NPR spot.\\God, wouldn't it be hilarious if I could get Dan Moulthrop to cut it?

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