"Hysterical, campy fun!"
- Tony Brown, cleveland.com

"Full of suspense, romance, drama and lots of laughs!"

- Dan Shaurette, Out of the Coffin podcast

This extraordinary one-act drama deftly explores the evolution of the centuries-old vampire myth.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Wrapped up Arc Three. Not entirely satisfied with the ending, but then this is not the end. I went back over the story as Porlock tells it ... this is very challenging, trying to give it a whiff of Rice's novel, but not an overpowering one. I have to keep asking myself the questions - why this book, how does it fit, how is it different?

The answer, because we are used to this kind of vampire tale, may not be obvious. But how much more clearer can it be - the vampire was not the main character in the first two, he is a monster who invades, and here he is the central character, to be sympathized with, to be identified with. Maybe even to be pitied.

And now ... teen stuff.

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