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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Outside, it is America.

And now, The Interview.

The pieces of this puzzle came to me yesterday, or maybe Monday (I am addled with a nasty headcold - is there any other kind?) It the most challenging part, and the furthest from its source material. The fledgling must be more recently made, most likely American, young - and yet, we need to approximate the scene near the end of the novel in the abandoned house in the Garden District.

The previous two arcs were created by hitting the most important scenes, and then bridging with "documentation." This scene I am more or less writing from beginning to end, leaping bits that have not come into focus yet.

It is also frightfully (heh) difficult to break out of the vernacular of the previous installments, I keep going back and simplifying syntax and creating contractions.

The scene has a surprising bit of me in it. I mean, of my personal history. And what may or may not be an uncomfortable amount of recent world history in it, and by recent I mean not two hundred years ago. What do Kent State and Hurricane Katrina have to do with each other? Wait and see ...

It is currently a pleasing, violent, dirty mess to write. I will clean it up.

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