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Monday, October 19, 2009


Well ... the Unit liked it.

I was most concerned about this piece, because though it is inspired by events in Interview, it is the most original part of the story to date. I was feeling really insecure about it.

So what do you know, they found it the most original part of the story to date. You know, in that good way.

SG said it was confident, that it was really mine, and not so much like an adaptation, the way the previous scenes are.

FS felt that if Eddie were truly reticent about providing information (see: only seven questions) he warmed up too fast. DM suggested it may be a game he's playing and he likes how the interviewer is playing it - but it's a good point, making it clear that Eddie is enjoying the interviewers questions would help.

MG approved of Eddie's candor and his clear voice. FS thought the ending was quite a surprise, which it won't really be to people familiar with Rice's novel.

Which brings us to SG's concern about rights. Is this telling too close to Interview? Is it a rip-off or an homage? EC was quick to point out (somewhat cheekily) that this is an educational tour, but it begs the question. What are the parameters of satire, homage, parody, tribute - god forbid, fan fiction.

I have to say, I really, really enjoy SG's voice for Porlock.

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