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This extraordinary one-act drama deftly explores the evolution of the centuries-old vampire myth.

Monday, November 09, 2009


A couple years ago, my wife got a book out of the library for me, written by an associate of hers in one of her writers groups. She thought I might like it, it is a collection of two stories that have to do with vampires or vampirism. But that's not why she thought I would like it.

One of the stories, The Flesh, The Blood and The Fire is a (fictional) tale about Eliot Ness's time as Safety Director in Cleveland. It - of course - has to deal with the Torso Murders. One day someone will write a compelling story about Eliot Ness in Cleveland. This may even be it, I don't know, for some reason I didn't read it.

I read the other one, Raven, a contemporary cop story with a vampire twist. A great deal of it takes place on Coventry, my old stomping grounds (did I just say that? hmn. if I have stomping grounds, I guess that's where they are ... or in Tremont - I stomped there even more ...) though a lot of places it references aren't there any more, but he did really nail them.

It lays out some fabulous new vampire rules - I was truly freaked out by what happens when a vampire is exposed to sunlight. I mean, if you are completely exposed to sunlight, you basically become what you are - a corpse, dead flesh. But what if just, you know, your hand is exposed to sunlight.

(Think about. Count to three. SHUDDER.)

We discuss rules a little in my play. There may be some confusion. This is not a bad thing. I have tried to avoid the serial villain route where things are just spelled out for you.

We're working on putting together a reading of it for the 23rd. I already have BP and CL on board to be two of the three performers. Still looking for a dashing young man. (Sorry, Brian.)

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