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This extraordinary one-act drama deftly explores the evolution of the centuries-old vampire myth.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Had an honest-to-God vampire nightmare last night. Only - and this is telling - I was the vampire, and I was terrified of getting caught.

I was working in collabortaion with someone, probably some kind of mentor, I cannot remember who. They had captured this plus-sized woman (Susan Boyle?) by pressing some kind of restrictive electronic bolts into her neck. I was then supposed to slash her throat open ... but I was armed with only a Phillips head screwdriver. She was all screaming and stuff and I was making these passes with the screwdriver which barely scratched her skin.

Later, I was to attack and suck the blood of a partygoer at this large, fancy, well-attended party. I was to pull them into the shadows and do my work. But I freaked out and ended up just grabbing them and running out of the party with them. At this point, I believe my intended victim was Doug Kusak, and he wasn't too bothered by my behavior because he knows me.

Huh. Why Doug? Maybe because he played a part in my other vampire play. Anyway, I was a pathetic, wimpy, scared vampire-wannabe guy.


Daniel said...

Damn - all of my nightmares involve me being the monster, not the monster chasing me. They're almost impossibly terrible. What does that say I'm scared of? I hate to think. Apart from that maybe I'm just a total narcissist. I can live with that.

pengo said...

You have too much power over others. But that does not surprise me, you are a painter.

What this dream says to me, upon further reflection, is that I am ready to tackle major edits on the play. And about time, too. But they had to wait until now.

Rehearsals begin at the end of January.

Jen said...

Couple of schools of thought about dreams: 1) you are everyone in your dream. 2) wish fulfillment...

Is there something in your life that you have to do that you think you are going to flub up by running out in a panic? Or do you think you are Susan Doyle?

Daniel said...

Look who's talking! You're a writer - pull the strings, pull the strings! Anyhow, I'm glad you're ready to tackle the edits. That's a huge emotional step for me in my own writing. Congratulations - and I hope you're happy with where you are by the end of January.