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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Bella's Bookshelf
"This is a blog for discussing the classic literature that Bella Swan Cullen mentions through the course of the Twilight Saga. We will also read the type of books that I think Bella would keep on her bookshelf in the cottage, as well as the works that Stephenie Meyer used as a basis for the Twilight Saga."

Well, kids, what do we say about trash-lit that steers young people toward the classics? We call them gateway drugs, don't we? I'm all for it. Reading is reading. My six year-old just finished her first chapter book all on her own - 118 pages. She devoured it in just a couple days.

Uh, she is reading over my shoulder. Right now.

Meanwhile, I am reading Dracula: The Un-Dead. It's fun! Really! The Harkers' offspring, mentioned in the Epilogue of "The Original Classic" (oops, uh, SPOILER ALERT) is a disappointment to his parents because (wait for it ...) he wants to join THE THEATRE!

So there's that. It is far too kinky (lesbians! whips!) for me to take it very seriously, but that doesn't mean the pages aren't turning.

Meanwhile ... The Giaour ... The Giaour ... The Giaour ...


Bubble said...

Hey Pengo, have you ever read or heard of the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton? Really good vampire, werewolf, necromancer stuff until it turns into sheer porn. But you can enjoy several good reads before Hamilton loses her mind.

pengo said...

Cool. It's like Anne Rice, in reverse.