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"Full of suspense, romance, drama and lots of laughs!"

- Dan Shaurette, Out of the Coffin podcast

This extraordinary one-act drama deftly explores the evolution of the centuries-old vampire myth.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Full House!

The Good News: We had a full house at Clague! A long-time venue for the GLTF Outreach Tour, and always very supportive, they were forced to turn away a large number of people. This was no doubt due to the fact that 1) they always have a great showing for our tour 2) a positive write-up the the PD and 3) it's got vampires in it.

The Bad News: We were forced to turn away a lot of people! I hope people who were not able to get a seat show up at one of our future venues - see sidebar for a complete listing.

HOWEVER, may I point out that last year (when there were no vampires) we had standing room only at Lakewood Public Library, Fairview Public Library and Cleveland Heights Public Library. If you are intent on coming, and plan to bring a large group with you, may I suggest the following large venues that have a history of not only enthusiastic audiences, but also large auditoriums with plenty of available seats:

Sunday, February 28 - Akron Main Public Library
Tuesday, March 9 - Olde Town Hall in North Ridgeville

Also, we have two new venues which would be well served by a huge turnout for their first tour visit:

Tuesday, February 23 - Workshop Players in Amherst
Friday, March 5 - Actors' Summit in Hudson

Today's audience was outstanding. They got everything ... I just love the reaction during the Nosferatu sequence. During the discussion Elaine made note of Arc Three, when the satire abruptly stops, and things get kind of serious for a little bit. I am glad she saw that.

Everyone at Clague was super, it's always a challenge figuring out how to get our set to work there - it is an intimate space and we always arrive during a run or just before one and often there is a realistic set on the stage we need to work around. Not only were we (with the help of the always fabulous Ron Newell) able to get the set up, and the sides well-masked, but the weird configuration backstage kept the three of us in the cast on our toes. I think that and the full house really pumped up our performance.

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