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Sunday, February 07, 2010

North Pole, Alaska

Incorporated in 1953, this Alaskan city was named North Pole in the hopes that some major toy manufacturer would locate there to have the opportunity to label their work MADE IN NORTH POLE. This never happened, but they have had the chance to draw a certain amount of touristy attention, anyway. And as you can see, the light poles all look like candy canes.

The city website lists several recognizable chain stores as major employers and recognizes both the North Pole and Beaverbrook Malls. I have been to Fairbanks, and I think I know what this city looks like. Saying "like Fairbanks, only smaller" is akin to saying "like Tim Gunn, only nattier."

North Pole, Alaska is the setting for the final arc of this play - The Dusk. If the trip from Phoenix to Forks seemed like day and night, imagine a teenager relocating from Lahaina to this place.

No, I have never been to North Pole. But that's all right - Stephenie Meyer had never been to Forks.


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