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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Fantastic afternoon in Akron, yo. Marked improvement over when we drew 6 people for the 2008 tour (okay eight - but two walked out.) A great crowd - girls from Elms who dragged their parents in to check us out, students from Tallmadge High who have created their own adaptation of Dracula for the stage (Vlad Dracul) and even an author who was written bout John Polidori!

THANK YOU, LISA AND BERNADETTE! We were welcomed with open arms and a really big, red dolley to move things into the awesomely awesome hall at Akron Main Public Library ... only bonehead here put our already seriously abused but otherwise charming little table onto the dolley, just letting it wobble there until we hit a ramp and it went crashing into a rail. Snapped a leg right off and damaged the drawer.

It's an important table. We keep props in it that are used throughout the show and I put Dusten's face into it. Emily and Lisa worked feverishly with wood glue and a great clamp - it's great because it looks old and you can barely see it. We will get that back to you, promise!

The company of "Vlad Dracul"

The post-show discussion was great - thanks in large part to our author - going over aspects of the show which haven't been brought up much since we began. Never, for example, has the term "Terrorist Chic" yet entered the conversation. And this was the first time someone asked if I had a rationale for why Porlock ages.

Note for tomorrow: If you are coming to see us at Fairview Park Library, please arrive early. We were full up last year ... and that was for Chekhov.


Daniel said...

David -

I've been away from your blog for a couple weeks. Wrong couple weeks to miss! Congratulations on getting it up and running and what sounds like enthusiastic attendance and viewership at every turn! I hope the rest of your run goes great, and I'll look forward to reading about it here. And yeah, very funny, carrying the land with you, gonna build on it one day?


pengo said...

You're a major loon, you know that?

Daniel said...

Hey, at least I'm not a famous meeskite.