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This extraordinary one-act drama deftly explores the evolution of the centuries-old vampire myth.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Straining to get this script out of my hands ... the scenes are easy, dialogue is easy. Narration is hard. Andrew has me on a very precise track for "The Narrator" but I am unhappy with my own results. Is he Rod Serling, Robert Stack, Tim Keo? I have no idea. What he isn't, or should not be, is hesitant or bookish. Hmn. Good luck with that, Dave.

The rehearsal space is so tiny ... I must remember to take a look at the scene Dusten and Emily are creating between Aubrey and Xanthe. SO much of what is going on involves glances, and stupid me, I am hanging behind the set-wall waiting for my entrances, it would take half a second (literally - half-a-second) to pop out, take a look and head back. The way these tours work, that's my only chance.

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Daniel said...

The poll isn't showing up! As for narration, have you considered rocking Faramir-in-"The-300"?

pengo said...

Hmn. Can't explain the absence of the poll. What browser are you using?

Daniel said...

Firefox! I see "Literary (Pick One):" but nothing underneath. Is that where the poll is supposed to be? Incidentally, I think your "Hmn" is a good match for your profile photo.