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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We got groupies!

Very good second night, at Lorain County Community College. Okay, it is true, we had one drunk guy who answered his cellphone and took the call during one of my narrations, so I told him I would wait until he was done. But he didn't get the hint and Daniel had to escort him out. What is this, TV?

However, the rest of the evening was just fabulous, and a real education. There were a number of folks - younger ones - who showed up because of the Morning Journal article on Sunday, and were out to see some vampires.

During the first arc, I was worried we may have lost them, but apparently the opposite was true. What do you expect, when you came for something Twilight related and instead we begin with a pithy riposte like "my intentions are all one might expect on such an occasion" (that's original Polidori) you might be turned off. However, the teens in attendance were apparently rapt, thinking, "okay, this is new, but I'm with you." By the middle of the Dracula sequence, they were loosening up, and I think they knew there was some comedy involved.

So, by the fourth arc, we had them. Lots of positive feedback following the performance. One guy really liked the fight scenes (yay-bo, Dusten) and a girl asked ... well, I can't really say what she asked, without giving away some secrets. But Emily and I had an interestingly cryptic back-and-forth during the discussion -- honestly, Emily, you can say absolutely anything you want.
Ozen Yula's Facebook status update, 2/17/2010

"On the Dark Side of Twilight"ı seyrettim. Çok basit bir dekoru vardı. Ama David Hansen'in teksti çok güzeldi. Polidori, Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer'in vampir hikâyeleri bir parodi çerçevesinde birbirine eklenmiş.Postmodern kan içmeyen vampirlerle son buluyor ama o da ilk hikâyeye,200 yıl öncesine bağlanıyor. Bildik film sahneleri art arda dizilmiş. Aynı sözler ama bu defa gerçekten komik!"
Translation: "On the Dark Side of Twilight" I watched. There was a very simple decor. But the text of David Hansen was very beautiful. Polidori, Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer's vampire stories attached to each other within the framework of a parody. Postmodern ends with blood inside, but it is not the first vampire story, 200 years before connect. Familiar movie scenes repeatedly arranged. Same words, but this time, really funny!"

Thank you, Google Translate! Komik!

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