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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And then you die ...

Allow me to begin by saying YEEELLLAAAGGGHH!!! I went running tonight!

(I have not gone for a run in almost two and a half weeks. You can read all about that on this blog.)

Final public performance today at the Akron Public Library Northwest Branch. Always a great mix there - it is usually a 1 PM performance and there are traditionally a number of seniors, members of reading groups, and maybe fifty or so high school students from Firestone who can't attend the performance we do at their school. That performance is tomorrow, that is our last performance of On the Dark Side of Twilight, period.

Today was good. There were odd things happening, my voice cracked at one point, Emily fell down backstage, and Dusten's Eddie just keeps getting dumber.

A woman came up to me after the performance and told me she doesn't like vampires, she doesn't know anything about vampires, by she like the Chekhov plays last year so much that when she heard I was in this she just had to come. That made my afternoon ... and my afternoon needed making because I had a sinus headache sending a spike into my left eye.

One more performance, tomorrow. It's been an incredible run.


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Daniel Hahn said...

That was Emily immediately after the Count left -- caught her in a precious moment! -D