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This extraordinary one-act drama deftly explores the evolution of the centuries-old vampire myth.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Internet is a cruel mistress.

Today's "google alert" brought the following (certain high school) student's paper to my attention:
I thought the performance was rather boring at times, but it certainly had enough value for what it was trying to accomplish ...

... The beginning parts seemed to drag on too long, and since the playwright/”Man #1” actor admitted in the post-performance questioning that it was the first play he had written in which there are multiple actors, this is quite forgivable, when one also considers the venue at which the play was being performed and the student ticket price ...

... seeing this performance was a lot better than attending class.


Daniel said...

DUDE! I think you need to go to this high school and administer a stern ass-whupping to the students who wrote this. You're a freaking *vampire* - what have they got? Bring it!

pengo said...

I don't think he knew I would find it. Kids are required to submit stuff online these days, and the GOOGLE ALERT feature finds them. If he knew I - or anyone other than his teacher - would be reading it, maybe he would have chosen his words better.

Oh, sure they would have.

Daniel said...

Perhaps you failed to sufficiently instill in him the fear of the vampyr. And not just the general idea of the vampyr, but rather, the specific Cleveland-area vampyr on stage who could very well turn up at his window that night and administer a severe beating to his snarky ass.

pengo said...

Dude lives in Akron. He has little to fear, I hate that drive.