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Monday, March 08, 2010

A little help from my friends ...

Three more performances? Really, that's it?

Very nice night night, full house at the Lakewood Public Library, and lots of new and old friends, familiar faces and downright strangers on hand. Several actor-teachers, from today and years past, GLTF company members, PlayhouseSquare representatives, roommates, teachers from some of the high schools we work with, bringing their students ... it was a lovely turnout.

This evening has been filling me with anxiety since I saw how the set worked, and how deep it needed to be. Thank you, Daniel, for ordering that extra pole, it has come in very handy. I do not know how we could have managed this without it.

Using the drapes as masking - and angling them downstage - we had much more room to the sides and did not have any of our "business" showing when the doors were open.

I borrowed several key lines in the play from last fall's residency program rehearsal process, and as this was the night half of them were able to make the performance, these "private jokes" got some serious play, most notably, "Girl's gotta eat."

"Yeah, I'm looking at YOU, Mike Gatto."

I pressed several of our comrades into service to get everyone out by 9 o'clock, and dang if that wasn't the faster load-out we've ever had. You people are pros and have my endless gratitude. Thanks to Lakewood Public Library, they always do an amazing job of promoting the outreach tour, and I think we finally have the knack for handling their space. These photos look pretty good, don't they?

Tomorrow: Olde Town Hall. I love this venue, the people are always so happy to see us and excited for the show. It's a great, historied space, a 127 year-old building with a lot of style - the perfect joint for a VAMPIRE PLAY. Every year we attract a devoted, yet intimate crowd. Maybe thirty or forty. The space holds maybe two hundred. Every year I want this one place to get more people through their doors for the outreach tour - and we have been directing excited students in Lorain County (and elsewhere) to come see us again and tell their friends about the show here at Olde Town Hall.

Tomorrow we see if any of that effort has paid off!

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