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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Nordonia! Nordonia!

"Down For the Count" by Poopbear

Dusten broke the decanter.

The Akron Public Library in Nordonia has been a stop for the GLTF Outreach Tour in long-standing. Always a great, supportive turnout - a small space, but they always serve coffee, lemonade and cookies. We had a pretty full room - Charlie came to see us! So did Tamara, and she brought her daughter and her friends. A great mix from young to old in the house this evening.

Have I mentioned yet how much I enjoy working with Emily and Dusten? I am grateful for all of the humor and high spirits, it makes schlepping big heavy set pieces much more enjoyable.

That's quite a head I have.

Tomorrow: A new venue! We visit Actors' Summit in Hudson, it's a great space to catch a show. Come see us!

Oh - and we got a new table, to replace the one Dusten broke.

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