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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Slow'd Out

Man. That was the longest load out we've done. The three of us have gotten load-out to a science - and with assistance we can get it done in about an hour. Tonight I think we clocked in a 1:45. Just taking it easy. Because honestly, and just between the two of us, we're a little tired.

Check out the curtains - and the table!

Tonight we were hosted by Kendal at Oberlin - and thank you, Kendal! We have a sizeable crowd - apparently there are those of a certain age who have been turned off by the promotional materials, not just here but at other retirement communities. This is a good thing, I think, because I'd rather people knew what they were in for. However, there were a larger than normal number of people who came from the surrounding community to attend the show. You know who I mean. TEENAGERS!!!

Or maybe college students. Fans of Twilight. There was one guy there who raised his hand admitting he'd read the book. I was proud of him.

And the table lives! In the time I had available to me this afternoon heading way across town, I had the choice of either a) getting a replacement table from the scene shop or b) picking up the extra curtain pole Daniel had ordered --
Brief explanation: three upright poles, two across and two curtains = one big curtain with a split down the middle. Four poles means the possibility of two separate curtain units - which is much more conducive to shallow performance spaces.
-- I got the extra pole. And what a difference! If we'd had this baby in Amherst, it would have cut down set-up by maybe a half-hour.

Life is good. We even got dinner, ordered from a menu! Thanks again, Kendal.

Tomorrow: A high school!

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